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Professional Reeds by David Granger

for Modern and Historical Bassoons

How to Order

Bassoon Reed $25.

Bassoon Reed Blank (tip uncut) $12.50.

Contrabassoon Reed $30.

Contrabassoon Reed Blank (tip uncut) $15.

Bass Dulcian Reed $30.

Bass Dulcian Reed Blank (tip uncut) $15.

Made for a Ross Bass Dulcian, also works on most Grenser Classical Bassoons

Baroque Bassoon Reed $30.

Baroque Bassoon Reed Blank (tip uncut) $15.

Made for a Wolf HKICW Baroque Bassoon, but may work on other baroque bassoons that require a large reed (contrabassoon size)

Classical Bassoon Reed $30.

Classical Bassoon Reed Blank (tip uncut) $15.

Made for a Wolf Grenser Classical Bassoon

Since each reed is given, and needs, my loving attention, I recommend ordering no more than 12 reeds at a time. Probably best to limit reed blank orders to 20 as well. Reeds are sent first class mail. Delivery times will vary. If you are in a rush, don't count on me meeting your deadline.

How to Order

By Credit Card: We process credit card payments using PayPal - click on the "Add to Cart" buttons above to order the specified items.

or by Mail:

You can also print this Order Form to order.

Send completed form and a check in US$ payable to Passamezzo Moderno, to:
Passamezzo Moderno
c/o David Granger
1320 Berrellesa Street
Martinez, CA 94553

California Residents: please include 8-1/2% Sales Tax

Shipping and Handling:
Add $5.00 for orders less than $50
Add $10.00 for orders over $50

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